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What is The Rootless Pub? The clue is in the name. It’s what it says on the tin, no roots so the party can come to you. Whether you choose one of our beautiful mobile bars, The Horseless Box or The Rootless its going to be the best party ever.

My name is Marie-Louise and I am the woman behind the bar,The Landlady full of smiles and banter.  I love to entertain people and help make their dreams come true. Tequila, dancing and good live music are all ingredients fora good night out for me, when we meet let me know what your ingredients are andI will come up with a recipe that will produce the best event for your needs.

The Rootless Pub came about because I was in a job I no longer felt happy in (the same age old story) but one day I had had enough andI decided it was time to change my kids and my life for the better …… so I bit the bullet and bought an Inflatable pub. And so we meet here on my website. You are very welcome to the site and I hope you find everything you need. If not give me a call. I am here to help.

My team and I aim to make sure your party is unique and bespoke to you. We listen to your visions and then turn them into reality so you and your guests will remember the party forever. You can take it easy and put your worries on our shoulders. Last minute surprises are part of the fun for us – we’re prepared for them. No matter what service you need we have a network build of amazing individual and funky providers.

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