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Here area few of our more sensible most frequent questions me get asked.
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1.    How much space do we need for The Rootless?

The ideal amount of space is 12m x 12m. That will make sure there is enough room for your guests to mingle and enjoy the space.

2.    How big is The Rootless?

Its 10m x 12m.

3.    How do we know our site will be ok?

For every booking we come and do a site visit before any deposits are paid. Our main priority is that The Rootless is a positive experience for everyone. If the site isn’t suitable, we can have a further chat about options.

4.    What happens if it doesn’t fit?

We offer a free venue finding service. You would be amazed at the gorgeous sites you can hire for not a lot of money at all.

5.    What if it rains?

No problem about the rain. The Rootless is waterproof and very snug.

6.   Are there any conditions that would mean the event had to be cancelled?

Just very high winds. The Rootless is secured with pegs into the ground and guy ropes but for the safely of people onsite is serious to us. If we do decide that the weather is to bad to inflate The Rootless we will endeavour to change the date or offer a credit note.

7.    We just want The Rootless and nothing else?

No problem. We will come and set up for you, train you how to deflate the pub then pop back the next day to take it all away.

8.    Do we need electric?

Ideally yes but not essential. You can hire a generator from us and that will do the job.

9.    What about when it gets dark?

Either you can use your own lights with our guidance or you can hire from us.

10.    Can The Rootless by inflated on hard ground?

Yes weights can be hired to secure it down.

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