So I had the concept but I had no idea what to call the company. I needed it quickly because without a name I couldn't get any practical things done like business cards, Facebook page, Instagram page, website the list goes on and on. It was also very hard to explain to people what I was doing without sounding crazy. People would get a worried look on their faces and then say "if it doesn't work you can get another job" Every time someone said that it was a little more demoralising. I really believed in the concept and where I could take it but I just needed to be able to explain that to everyone else.


In the office we bounced around ideas. It was actually quite fun for the first few days. It was also the first time the then unnamed company was getting attention. It was a large office and everyone was talking about how exciting and crazy it was all at the same time.

I knew I wanted something that would grow with the company and not be to specific about the inflatable side of the company. I didn't want to spend all the money on branding and find out the inflatable side of the business didn't work and went out of fashion very quickly.

Some of the ideas were mobile bars for you; pop up pub; drinks to you but none of these seemed to fit properly. This went on for about three weeks and I was starting to think I was just going to have to decide on any name and get on with it. One day in the office I just sat there and thought about vegetables with no roots then I looked at Conor the guy who sat next to me and I said The Rootless Pub.

That's it The Rootless Pub.

I'm sure there are much better calculated and more targeted ways to name a company but this is they way I did it and I love the name still now.

If you are considering a wedding in any unlicensed venue or a marquee than just give us a call on 07884 347 564 or fill out the enquiry form. With years of experience we can guide you through the joys of an Autumn/Winter wedding.

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