How to stock a mobile bar

If its a Christening, Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Charity event or a corporate dinner the most important thing is to stock the bar.

How many are coming?

The Horseless Box - our fully kitted out horsebox mobile bar

Probably the most thing important that you need to find out. Its a very tricky thing. If you stock the bar for 50 guests but actually 100 are invited then then you will quickly run out. Equally the reverse is important. If you stock for 100 and only 50 turn up then you have not only wasted money transporting stock but you will also pay staffing charges for people to lump it from the van then back into the van at the end of the night. A really useful thing to have with a supplier is a sale and return account. Most larger suppliers offer this facility.

Type of event?

The type of event has a massive effect on not only how much but also what type of products should be on the bar. It may seem sexist but if its a Rugby event they wont drink much prosecco. If its a corporate lunch time event much more soft drinks will be consumed.

Time of the event?

People drink differently at different times. Also it goes with out saying if like a wedding the event starts at 13.00 then the guests will be drinking for much longer. At events like this people normally switch to spirits for the late drinks.

Men, women, children ratio

This has a massive effect. If its mostly children at the party then there is very little point ordering three kegs of lager.

Over to you

As you host more parties you will get better at stocking the bar. If you want to make your life easier and enjoy the party then there really is no substitute for a mobile bar at your event. here at The Rootless Pub we pride ourselves on making your party easy and enjoyable for you as a host as well. If the host is happy the guests will be too. And that's what its all about, enjoying the party.

If you would like any information about The Rootless Pub and how we can help you then take a look at and fill in the Enquiry Form.

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How to stock a mobile bar

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