Am I worth it?

In the early days I would be so happy to get an enquiry that I would literally have worked for free and sometimes did. At that time it was more important to prove myself and build up experience and expertise. To be able to reference a client or an event was priceless in those days. I learned valuable lessons on some of these bookings. How to quote properly, something that is always evolving with each booking at the moment. How to keep control of that quote.  How to believe I know more about my business than the client does, after all that's why they were calling me. They needed a service that I provided.

Negotiating with myself

The standard transaction at the start of an enquiry is take the details of the events then email over a quote. The hardest part of this transaction for me is just before I press send Is it too expensive? Will they pay this much? Am I worth this much? Inevitably I would open back up the email and reduce the price. In my head I knew this was not good business. When I did the costings originally I didn't just pluck numbers from thin air. The costing were based on actual overheads and a charge for my time. I had quoted to make a small profit like all businesses do. When I re-opened that quote instantly I turned into a total plonker. Slashing £10.00 off here, £50.00 there. Then sitting back in my chair thinking to myself … that's better they will go for that now! A few months later I was getting into bed at the end of the event knowing it was a huge success and that the client was happy but I wasn't happy. I had basically just worked for free. Would someone have done that for me? Surely I deserve to get reward to my hard work. I had no one to blame however but myself because the client didn't negotiate me down on a price. ….. I negotiated myself down.

Advise from a friend

One day I was chatting with a friend  She said " the cheaper your quote, the cheaper your service, the cheaper you will be perceived. If you don't believe your service is at the very least as good as your competitors then you shouldn't be in business". This was a hard thing to hear. It was hard and to the point and to be honest struck a chord. When I thought about what she had said though it totally made sense. I was at the very least as good as my competitors. In fact I offer a great service that I am proud of. She was right.

Thank goodness for plain talking women.

Working progress

I am much better with believing in and backing my own service and company now. I still wobble on larger jobs and think 'I don't want to lose the enquiry' but on the whole I actually make money now, which Is kind of the point of being in business.

So the answer is Yes I blooming well am worth it.

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Am I worth it?

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